Since 1999 ...

At Universal Education, AtUniEdu, has its root in an education consulting company named E-Accel that operated only for a year (May 1999 – April 2000) to aid a group of Korean students whose parents have asked for the service based on developed rapport. Although brief in its existence, E-Accel placed all 16 students into top 50 US colleges, including those of Ivy League.

Later in October 2001, UNI(versal Language Institute) was established in Apgujeong (Seoul), South Korea. UNI quickly became one of the most recognized companies for successfully preparing Korean students to study abroad. TOEFL, SAT, AP, and GRE preparation programs were most popular. UNI, in addition to preparing its students, jointly provided education consulting, and it has placed over 470 students into undergraduate and graduate programs in Japan, Canada, and the US. Over 98% of the students enrolled in top-tier schools of their choices.

In June of 2012, after the trial period from March to May of 2012, UNI officially transformed into UNI/The Martins Academy. The transformation marked the beginning of an online instruction system that expanded the customer base from Apgujeong to global locations where the Internet is accessible. Since the transition, UNI/The Martins Academy attracted students throughout not only entire South Korea but also various world locations such as Singapore, Panama, Canada, and the US.

In October of 2016, The Martins Academy was sold to an undisclosed company with no competition for a year clause.

On March 2018, AtUniEdu opens with new education consulting (for both the US and international students) and "Live" e-learning programs. While most of the learning programs are for academic improvement and test preparations, AtUniEdu also teaches Korean with its proprietary trueKor Korean-English transcription that enables English speakers to speak Korean with the closest native Korean pronunciation.